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Information about Family Planning

Your GP can provide your care for your contraception and family planning from conception to birth and beyond. The GP’s are not on the obstetric roster and will therefore not be able to deliver your baby. They can however, provide the majority of your antenatal care (for low risk pregnancies).

Initial consultation should occur as soon as pregnancy is suspected and visits to occur as below.

These are shared between the hospital and the GP and it is important that you attend as per the schedule to ensure that the appropriate examinations and testing occur at the correct stages of your pregnancy. See list below:

  • Booking visit 10-14 weeks gestation (at Antenatal Clinic)
  • 16 weeks (with GP)
  • 20 weeks (at Antenatal Clinic)
  • 24 weeks (with GP)
  • 28 weeks (with GP)
  • 30 weeks (at Antenatal Clinic)
  • 32 weeks (with GP)
  • 34 weeks (with GP)
  • 36 weeks (at Antenatal Clinic)
  • 37 weeks (with GP)
  • 38 weeks (with GP)
  • 39 weeks onwards (at Antenatal Clinic)

More frequent visits or referrals back to the Antenatal Clinic or to an Obstetrician may be needed if complications arise. If the patient has significant complications, they may be asked to visit the Antenatal Clinic/Obstetrician for the remainder of their pregnancy.

Please Return To Your Usual GP For Your And Your Baby’s 6 Week Check Up And The Associated Immunisations. This Is Particularly Important As Victoria Has A Different Immunisation Schedule To NSW.

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